Gallery of Custom work

90% of my work is Made To Order, so each item in the gallery was custom made to suit an individual client. If you see something you like, or have any questions send me an Email.

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16 plait yellow & black stock whip. 5foot.


12 Plait Natural Tan Kangaroo 8footer

24 Plait Kangaroo with Skull & Cross Bone Pattern.

Two Tone Green&Black 16plait 3foot SnakeWhip

16 plait 8 footer, Birds Eye pattern on handle, Engraved Ferrule.

16 Plait Black woody bullwhip. Rosewood handle with brass ferrule.

Kangaroo Red & Black. The handle is Pink Ivory with Brass knob.

16 plait cocobolo Woody Bullwhip with wrist strap and engraved ferrule.

Kangaroo 8 Foot Snake Whip -Brandy

3 foot 16 plait mini bullwhip with matching Flogger.


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HMW Whip, Good balance, Excellent feel, Superior action.

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