Kangaroo hide is light weight and has superior strength. When split  kangaroo retains considerably more of the original tensile strength of  unsplit leather . When split to 20% of original thickness kangaroo retains between 30 to 60% of the tensile strength of the unsplit hide.

The unique structure of kangaroo leather allows it to be cut down very fine making for a superior quality overlay for a whip. This is why kangaroo hide is unsurpassed for higher strand count whips.


The Classic American Style Woody Bullwhip.

Incorporates the classic American look and "Whip within a Whip" double plaited belly construction. The woody comes in 12 or 16 plait Drum Stuffed Kangaroo overlay with an 8 to 10 inch exposed exotic hardwood handle in your choice of wood species and handle design.

6ft Woody Bullwhip

7ft Woody Bullwhip

8ft Woody Bullwhip


The Australian Style Plaited Handle Bullwhip.

 Has all the things you've come to expect. An 10 to 16 inch steel handle foundation and "Whip within a Whip" double plaited belly construction. This traditional Australian style bullwhip comes in 12 or 16 plait Drum Stuffed Kangaroo overlay.

6ft Plaited Handle

7ft Plaited Handle

8ft Plaited Handle


Mini Bullwhips

Ideal for indoor use, this little bullwhip comes with a thinner profile than the full size bullwhip and 6 to 8 inch plaited or wood handle in 12 or 16 plait.  


3ft Mini Bull

4ft Mini Bull



All Kangaroo skins are drum stuffed 1st grade skins imported directly from Packer Leather Australia.

Leather colors

Natural - Brandy - Saddle Tan - Black - Whisky - Red
Other colors may be available upon request

Two Tone or any Pattern work comes at no extra charge.


(shipping within the US $15.00
world wide $55.00)

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HMW Whip, Good balance, Excellent feel, Superior action.





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