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Here at HMW I use only the best material available for my whips, quirts, cats, and multi-tails.
All of my Kangaroo whips are made using only imported first grade drum stuffed hides, and are constructed with the highest attention to detail. Each HMW whip has two plaited bellies and bolstered, providing the finest quality whip possible.






All my whips are made to order so my wait time will fluctuate, but on average I like to keep it to 6 to 8 weeks to complete and ship an order.

To place an order contact me by email or phone and we will discuss the specifics of the whip you want.

HMW Whip, Good balance, Excellent feel, Superior action.



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Victor SanSoucie
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(203) 758-3646

Last updated Mar 7th 2015

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